Summer Camp: How to build a website like an engineer


1 Overview of the Summer Camp

The goal of this free summer camp is to help college students get hands-on experience for software development using cutting edge web technologies. is a startup company in its early stage. We are building a new type of Search Engine to improve user search experience and help businesses to solve SEO problems. It's our intention to explore the state-of-the-art web technologies in depth with college students by providing free web consulting service using (video) as an example.

Although many college students are self-learning the latest web technology online, they are lacking of the systematic training to be a qualified software engineer. So when they start to work for software companies, it will take quite some time to be productive. With BingoBo Summer Camp, you still need to be self-learner, but you have the counselor to show you the right direction and method for you to pursue your goal. Some students got the chances to work as internship with software companies to learn the basic skills, but they may not be exposed to the entire application development cycle.

It is said that about 83% of the fresh graduates feel difficult to land a job. We'd like to help the college students who are interested in software development to learn the cutting edge web technologies and hands-on skills in order to be more competent in the high tech world.

We put together a summer camp project to show the students exactly what engineers are doing in the software industry, and how to gain experience to become a qualified candidate when they apply for this kind of positions in the future.

Below is the headline of the project plan (like a dinner menu). Students may choose one of more of the items to get started. It contains:

  • Appetizers: a brief introduction of the goal of the project and other general information
  • Main Courses: a step-by-step hands-on guide for how to build a dynamic web application from scratch like a team of software engineers
  • Side Dishes: a set of stand alone programs to show how to resolve common problems in software development
  • Desserts: a group of examples on how to build fancy web pages by replicating the outstanding web pages available online

Students don't have to complete everything in the project menu. They can pick any of the independent "main courses", "side dishes" or "desserts". Once they subscribe our free consulting service, we will re-arrange the project plan to tailor their needs. See our Kickstart project for more details.