Summer Camp: How to build a website like an engineer


9 How to get your web page hosted on web hosting site?

For those who want to share your web page with, I can help you to upload to a free community web site called Let me know if you need access to upload files to it.

If you would like to have your own hosting side, below is a brief instruction on how to get a free basic hosting web site after you purchase a domain name from

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. Currently new .com domain name is on sale for just $2.99 for the first year, but you need to at least register for two years. The second year's regular price is $14.99. This is the minimum payment with a free web hosting using cPanel, a free mail box with 10GB size, WordPress, PHP, MySQL database, domain management, and domain forwarding service, etc.

    There are alternative options, such as "Website Builder" for $1.00/month for the first year, or $2.99/month for the first 2 or 3 years, or $5.99/month as regular price. You can get free domain and free hosting as long as you subscribe continuously.

  3. Register a domain name or a hosting service
  4. There are various types of web hosting packages available for you to choose from. You may choose to manage the hosting site by yourself with Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers, or you can choose Managed Hosting which will cost you a lot more.

    You can always upgrade to higher service later. So make sure to try the most basic service first.

  5. Activate the hosting site under your domain name and start to configure
  6. First you need to understand the structure of the hosting system.

    • You can use the File Manager to view and upload files to your site after you log in to your GoDaddy's account.
    • You may create your ftp accounts and upload the files to the /ftp folder before you publish them to the /public_html folder.
    • You may set up a Web Disk to ink to your home computer.

  7. Upload your files and check out your URL under your domain
  8. Dylan has made more progress by adding a cool landing page with some JavaScript code to bring it to the dragon page he had before. This time, he also enhanced it with JavaScript code to make it a little bit more interactive. I've uploaded the code onto, and now you can click the link and see the latest changes. It take less than 30 min. to complete the above process. (If you cannot see the landing page in FireFox or IE, that's because there is no MP4 Player embedded. You may go to the dragon page V3 directly.