Summer Camp: How to build a website like an engineer


5 How many monitors are you using simultaneously at work?

Maybe you are not very familiar with software engineer work in the IT industry, but very curious and keen to learn what it would look like. Software engineering is not limited to programming. You need to solve problems for the system of an entire product/application.

Maybe you can quickly create a cool web page and set up a website, then host it online in a few days. That's not about software development, it's hobbies. In order to become a qualified software engineer, you have to learn a lot more than that. Typically you need to set up development environment, which involves various kinds of tools and servers. You must be familiar with knowledge from protocols to languages, from presentation layer to server side, from user interface to data storage, from algorithm to business logic implementation, from coding to system administration, etc.

Fortunately, you have time to cover the learning curve and choose a few interesting areas to focus on. Now most of us have a laptop and can start coding in a second, typically like what a programmer does. However, as a software engineer, in order to handle all the client and server environment, you need additional hardware equipments and software tools to help.

Take a look at the attached picture and see what a senior Java developer uses:

  • 3 PC + 3 laptops + 3 monitors + 3 external hard disk backups + 3 web hosting services
  • 3 browsers + 3-tier server architecture + 3 instances for each tier + 3 levels of server hierarchy
  • A handful static IP addresses, domain names, email accounts, and SSL certificates

It's like driving 3 cars at the same time.


And how about this: a photo from the Wall Street? Those guys are driving 6 vehicles each?


Some other folks used to drive 9 vehicles at the same time.

Do you need additional monitors to do your work more efficiently? We have spare ones for you to rent for free. Let me know if you need it.