Summer Camp: Internet of Things.


Arduino Esp8266 Setup Guide

This page will tell you how to set up your Esp8266 board which is either a standalone Arduino board or can be used with another Arduino board to provide wi-fi functionalities. It will tell you how to set up your Arduino IDE on your computer to work with an Esp8266 board, then run a simple example on the Esp8266 board.

  1. Download and install Arduino IDE 1.8+:
  2. Start Arduino and open Preferences window, add the following URL to the "Additional Board Manager URLs" field with comma delimiters:
  3. Open Boards manager from Tools and search for ESP8266 and install the community version
  4. Select Tools, Board, Generic ESP8266 Module and select the right serial port
  5. Go to File, Examples, ESP8266, Blink. Then connect the module to the computer via USB port
  6. Download Python 2.7.10 binary tools from
  7. Restart Arduino IDE.

Now you should have the Esp8266 board set up, and now you can upload sketches to the board.