A Hacker's Journey: from Cook to Chef

1 Think big start small

Startup != Small Business

However, when we are still small, especially when we are learning and practicing the business strategies and tactics, we are considered as small business, even not business. Why start up company is not equal to small business?

The primary answer is every startup company has its big vision/mission and aim to be big. However, we have to start small and focus on the niche market, as I was told many times.

I wish I had a small product to show people and to make money quickly. Every time when I need to introduce myself to other people about what I'm doing, they looked at me with their eyes widely open and ask: do you want to compete with Google? I met one of them in the social networking event and he said: "You need a coach."

But I told him I do not need a coach, I need a business partner to market my product. So I sent him emails about "What qualifies me as a potential leader in the industry?" He responded with nothing but "You need a coach". Thanks, I'm coached. So I have to start small. Let's start from the ground up and have an attitude down to the earth. Roll up your sleeves and get our hands dirty to solve some real world problems now.