A Hacker's Journey: from Cook to Chef

15 It's a marathon and we are half-way through

I feel a little tired, especially after the holidays non-stop working. Have the same feeling as mine? You're on the way. Running business is just like starting a journey of marathon, half-way is a great milestone to achieve. For this particular project, we are a little over the mid-point with all the basic things covered in the previous part of the topic. The next 7 miles will be a little tough, since things are getting more and more subtle and tedious. I don't know exactly how we will feel about the last 6.2 miles, which is the hardest part to overcome, but I believe we should be able to complete it with some great effort. After that, we will feel like it's so easy to repeat the process and make some real stuff happen. Hang on there and keep digging.

Recently, I read an eBook from one of the Shark Tank's sharks: Mark Cuban. He always urged us to stay in front of the competition: "You have to be steps ahead of the competitors who are trying to take your market share." But how? How can we stand out from the crowd to become a successful technology entrepreneur? To be honest, it's hard even if we have hacker skills and great ideas. But we have belief and we "have a passion for working hard and blowing the competition out of the water." He says in his recent eBook "How to Win at the Sport of Business":

"It's not about money or connections -- it's the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business. And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time."

Among others, one of the practical way worth trying to keep us sustained is meditation. You don't need to be expert level or take to much time everyday. It makes you calm down and mentally cleaned and refreshed after being exhausted from hard work. Work more efficiently and more productively is the key to accomplish more in the same period of time. So get your foundation ready and let's start out another part of the journey.