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11 How to set up application deployment environment on Linux (part II)

Now we need to get the virtual machine ready and assign static IP(s) to the network card of the host. Since there are various ways I've tried, I'd like to share the following knowledge and experience with you in case you may need it.

Please be noted that in VMware Player, you just need to set the network connection type to be "Bridged" and make sure it's connected directly to the hardware network card. However in VirtualBox, you need to manually create an additional network adapter with "Host-only" and connect through the host in order to use the static IP address(es) in the local network.

Later on, if everything is successful, you may use the same way to create network connections with real static IP(s) provided by the hosting service and map to your real domain name via some DNS service provider. If it's GoDaddy, you can log in to your account, go to:

Domains -> Launch -> select the domain you want to map to -> DNS Zone File -> Edit

You can add as many static IPs as you want to have. Then you may use them in your configuration for the IP-based virtual hosts in Apache or for your email service.