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10 How to set up application deployment environment on Linux (part I)

Assume that you have completed the development work on Windows and ready to deploy on the production site. Now you have more things to worry about, especially bear the security and performance issues in mind. Let's start from the most necessary issues first.

First of all, you need to shop around to find the best deal for your hosting service with best price, reliable performance and support service. There are varies kinds of hosting services available in order for you to deploy your web application with web server and database servers. Some of them comes with IIS and MySQL via control panels, you need to use FTP to upload your application for deployment. If you web application is more complicated than simply hosting a blog site, probably you need to look into the Shared hosting or Dedicated hosting.

After you choose any of the hosting services, you can try an one month trial and find out whether it's suitable for you. Then you need to decide which server platform to deploy on, Windows Server 2008 or Linux. If it's Linux, then think about which distribution is your favorite. Even before you work it out directly from the hosting Linux platform, you may want to practice how to deploy everything on your local virtual machine first.

If you don't have a clear plan for that, the following articles may help you to make your decision.

Based on the comprehensive research I've conducted, I chose Dedicated hosting with centOS and VMware virtual machine to complete the deployment task. If you have different opinion, welcome to discuss with me via the email I provided on the bottom of the page.