BingoBo: A New Web 3.0 Platform is Born

Why do we need the Private Web?

Here is the YouTube video: A self-organized Private Web

Many people are asking: What is the Private Web? Private Web is a special version of the web tailored to your needs. You can save all of your interesting information in your Private Web which is mirrored from the Public Web by just a few clicks. It's an exclusive service from BingoBo provided by its proprietary technology. It gives you a brand new web experience.

Current online websites usually fall into the following types:

  • eCommerce sites selling commodities with numerous products
  • eCommerce sites selling products in a niche, e.g. fashion
  • online auction sites
  • web categories sites listing local and online business names and contact information
  • online forum, community sites providing user comments, discussions and product reviews
  • wiki and blog sites serving as a knowledge base
  • keyword based search engines allowing search and online advertisement

When you need to find useful information or purchase something, you need to visit so many websites, sort out and compare them on the fly, then you must make decisions immediately. Otherwise, you have to do another round of searching, filtering and comparing.

However, BingoBo allows you to find products and services along with the consumer reports, information and knowledge together in the same category and sub-category. You can save the search results after you pick and choose the interesting links by just a few clicks. Here are some highlights about the basic functionalities it provides you:

  • Save your bookmarks in a self-organized way by just clicking from the mirrored Public Web which BingoBo maintains, easy to search
  • Save grocery store promotion information and get the updates automatically
  • Save your orders for repeated purchase later
  • Generate shopping list by clicking the links you have saved and carry it with you when you go shopping
  • Find the most recently saved links which are usually the most important information on your Private Web home page under each top category
  • Find all the lists you created by click one button on your Private Web home page
  • Add a quick link to save the information into your Private Web and share with other people
  • Create family tree, places you have been, medical history records, your hobbies and various contact information of your friends

and so much more, you name it. The Private Web is all about YOU yourself and YOUR needs. Instead of being tracked and pushed with the information you may not want, you can save your preferred information by yourself and keep it in your way.