BingoBo: A New Web 3.0 Platform is Born

What does Mohoo mean?

Many people may have already noticed that there is an icon under each sub-category with the name of "Mohoo" on the website.

In Hindi, "Yahoo" means: "not very intelligent or interested in culture." The real meaning is not that important, it's a great brand name easy for everybody to remember and cheer for.

In Chinese, "Mohoo" means: "unclassified, vague." It sounds like an interesting category name rather than the boring word "unclassified" or "uncertain", etc. Unfortunately, it looks too alike to Yahoo to be used as a new brand name for the new search engine.

A lot of information being entered into may not have been classified, and they will go temporarily into the "Mohoo" group. Every record in the Mohoo category will be classified later. In this way, we will not lose any useful information to share with other people. Once a particular sub-category is assigned to an entry in the Mohoo category, it will be moved to the new sub-category seamlessly to all the users who subscribed to it, and appear in the new sub-category in both public and private views. After that, the record will be easilysearchable from the new sub-category with more explicit keywords embedded.

Plus, there are always some pending sub-categories to be defined later under each category and sub-category, andthey may have more child sub-categories attached. So they will be put under the Mohoo category temporarily until they find an appropriate position to go.

When users share your useful information with other people, by default in the quick link, it will go to the Mohoo category and sub-categories. If you have a pretty good idea where it should belong to, please click the drop down box and choose one of the available categories so that it's easy for you to search and find later. If the category you want to assign to is not available, please inform us and we will add it soon.