BingoBo: A New Web 3.0 Platform is Born

How was the BingoBo logo designed?

People are curious about how the BingoBo logo was designed and created. Some people said: ""Wow, it's a shell." While others liked its spiral curve,and some people found it is close to the Golden Ratio.

They are all right. It was designed with those ideas in mind. We enjoy the perfection of the nature and the art of mathematics. We learned from the existing beauty and tried to create new things based on the fundamental principle behind it.

Golden Ratio reflects a perfect number appearing in geometry, art and architecture. But it's hard to implement when we draw the picture. Fortunately, we have an amazing approximation derived from the Fibonacci Sequence. The ratio between each pair of consecutive numbers is very close to the Golden Ratio, which pretty much solves our problem. In this way, a spiral can be drawn in such a way and to converge at a certain point instead of expanding to infinity.

The most interesting thing worth mentioning is the design initially came from the "Stonehenge Julia Set" of crop circles. There are stories about how that crop circle was made and the circle makers havechosen to remain anonymous. I was really impressed and inspired by the awesome formation, whether it is man-made or anomalous.

The logo itself has received the copyright protection from the US Copyright Office. You can feel free to download and embed it (without any modification) to your web page with BingoBo's name attached to it.

Below is the process when I designed it using Coral Draw . We encourage you to join our contest of emulating the logo and creating your own version. If you are interested in it, please send us your copy and we will publish it on BingoBo's website so people may compete with your design. Eventually, if your version out performs the original version, we may purchase the copyright from you.