BingoBo: A New Web 3.0 Platform is Born

How to get free trial of the Super Agent (SA) software package

We have discussed "How does BingoBo collect data?" in the previous blog post (link). Now let's talk about how to get free trial of the Super Agent (SA). SA is a licensed software package for you to download and install on a server to run the local version of the BingoBo sub site so that you can work with your local businesses and provide services to the local and remote users.

BingoBo is different from the traditional search engines that collect the documents (static web pages) from the internet and index the information for users to search. Instead it provides dynamic information including products, services, knowledge and information from various types of websites and organizes them into categories to help users select and save into their Private Web. Other than the information shared by the registered users and BingoBo's Authorized Publishers (AP), the majority of the dynamic data is coming from the business integration.

Businesses need to decide what kinds of products or services will be listed on the local site for a certain period of time. They may choose from various categories and sub-categories for promotion or regular listing. If you have a local business, instead of getting it listed on the local Yellow Pages with your business name and service briefly, you will expose one or more particular products or services you provide with a low price for a period of time. For example,if you are a mover in Arizona, users may not find you by searching "Movers in Arizona", instead they may find you in the group of services that movers provided under a certain sub-category from your local sub site. In this way, you greatly increase the chances to be found online.

Here is how it's going to work: usually an SA is managed by a pair of business and technical developers or in some similar form. It can be one person or a group of people depending on how broad your service can cover in the local area. Once you are familiar with it or make it into a stable stage, you can run a local sub site as a part-time job to get things going routinely.

1. The business marketer (role) needs to solicit local businesses to have their products or services be listed on various levels of the BingoBo categories and sub-categories to reach their target audience with a pre-defined or auction price. The price structure is negotiable if there is no competition and the charge can be worked out on a performance base indicated by the number of hits and the number of subscriptions.

2. The technical administrator or developer (role) will manage the information and provide integration package for the businesses to hook up and update their product or service data with the local server. Usually the integration package is a simple program with a template built in that can be easily customized to collect the data from businesses easily and securely.

You will receive training on how to operate the site on a daily basis. Just like local franchise, it may take six to twelve months to see a profit. At the early stage, you will receive large discount or even a free trial under license agreement. BingoBo will help you to set up your server and configure the software agent to connect to the software broker(s) from the BingoBo main site to load the complete system information and start from there.

The software package includes the Super Agent UI, which contained a set of jsp source code. We keep the UI code as is, which was developed in 2009 when HTML 5 was not mature yet. So there is huge room for improvement. You may modify the look and feel by re-writing the jsp pages using the same APIs to connect to the server programs and publish it for people to comment. If your implementation is favored by the majority of users, we may purchase the code from you.

If you are interested in trying, please contact us at We will help you to download the software package and provide email or IM consultation on how to get it started. Please make sure that you are not representing any company or their affiliates in the same field for you to be qualified for the free trial. We'd like to help people and real businesses without unnecessary competitions.