BingoBo: A New Web 3.0 Platform is Born

How does One-Click Search work?

Here is the YouTube video: BingoBo: A better search engine

BingoBo is the next generation of search engine that does not directly compete with the traditional search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, etc. It provides enhanced functionalities and tools for users to find, save and share information easily and efficiently with just a few clicks.

Among all the major features of BingoBo, One-Click Search plays an important role in helping users to find useful information and to quickly narrow down to the highly relevant results. How can we achieve this?

Since BingoBo collects the data from various kinds of sources and indexes them into categories and sub-categories. All the similar information based on a particular category are grouped together. So after you do a quick search with a simple keyword, say "keyboard" under the "Office" category, all sorts of computer keyboards will be listed. It automatically filters out large groups of musical keyboards and virtual keyboards that are typically mixed with the computer keyboards in other search engines.

Then you don't need to refine the search with various keyword combinations. Instead of clicking each of the interesting links and viewing them one by one, you simply need to click one of the type you are looking for, say "Wireless Keyboard" with the "More similar links ..." button. It gives you all the wireless keyboards with the detailed price information for you to compare, and the information from blogs, reports and customer reviews and even recipes for you to review.

These kind of search results are highly relevant because it is collected with human intelligence. The various data source includes: the links shared by premium users, input by the BingoBo Authorized Publishers, and the products/services information imported from the businesses. They are pre-filtered by the software robots and stored in a well-organized category fashion.

Want to give it a try on our beta site Watch the video below and follow the exact way on the particular data set available now. Let us know how you feel.