BingoBo: A New Web 3.0 Platform is Born

How does BingoBo collect data?

BingoBo presents a well-organized Web and promises to provide high quality search results to meet user's needs. In order to achieve this goal, we have three types of mechanisms built in to ensure the search engine is maintained in health and organizes the information over the web in a proper way.

1. Accept links from our registered users who share their useful information with the public

   You may save any useful information into the right category in your Private Web and share it with other people, including your blog page, your friend's Facebook page or any of the business websites you like. When conflicts occur, say, other people think one or some of your information should fall into different categories, we'll help you to get it resolved with other people. In case we have to move your record into a different category, we'll inform you with the appropriate reason.

2. Train and pay the Authorized Publishers (AP) to enter high quality information into each category

   You may have heard about Affiliates. A lot of online business have affiliates to help reach more customers. The difference between BingoBo's Authorized Publishers and regular affiliates is that APs are trained to do the skillful jobs and maintain loyalty with BingoBo exclusively or non-exclusively. They know how to enter the information along with the expiration date and organize it in such a way that most people can accept. If an AP has made 20% miss-classifications based on users' response, then he/she is not qualified to be an AP. Therefore, they will be paid with various levels of compensation, instead of a flat fee.

   Most people with ordinary skills will be qualified for this job. And it could be a perfect part-time job sitting aside when you have some extra time after work or work at home. You will be highly rewarded with bonuses if the records you entered receive a high traffic volumes. You may do an even better job if you work closely with some local small business partners and have their products or services updated in a regular routine. It's all up to you.

3. Set up local Super Agent (SA) to integrate data from businesses with the BingoBo system

   Usually, a local Super Agent will have a pair of partners including a business marketer and a technical administrator. They will use the licensed software package to run a local site. We will discuss this concept in detail later. If you are interested in a free trial download of the software package, please contact us at We will be happy to assist you.