BingoBo: A New Web 3.0 Platform is Born

Beta Release Announcement

We've all experienced the excitement of the Internet era through the beginnings of the World Wide Web. We have web portals, such as Yahoo Directories and Google search engine (Web 1.0). We have social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter (Web 2.0). Are we settled?

We've tried to save our orders in shopping carts on every e-Commerce site. We've tried to use the bookmark feature in order to revisit an interesting website or a blog page. We've tried every possible way to keep our useful information. We are like native "Webians" wandering around from tribe to tribe, having nowhere to store our properties in a place called "Home".

Are you tired of this constant hassle?

Introducing BingoBo, a brand new search engine presenting a well-organized public web interface. It conforms to the Web 3.0 specification and serves as an alternative solution to the Semantic Web to organize information in a meaningful way.

This is the first time that people can create their own "Private Web" with a few clicks through a pair of public and private views. The information being stored in the "Private Web" is self-organized and no longer hard to find. Every piece of information with the semantic meaning behind is powered by human intelligence in addition to software robots.

Today, BingoBo is finally released as a beta to the public on Kickstarter. It's still in its infancy and learning how to adjust to the real world. BingoBo needs a family to help it grow. However, BingoBo is an angel who will provide the services to let people search the web more efficiently and land on an online home - "MyHome". BingoBo needs you to get it off the ground steering towards the right direction. Only with your help, may we see this happen.

BingoBo will remember every backer who provides support in its early stage. Your name will be forever honored on a dedicated page on the BingoBo website. With the limited time offer, you will get a life-time free premium membership to receive the maximum benefit out of your "Private Web". You will be proud of being part of the BingoBo family. It's not about money, it's all about care and support. If you would rather be our beta tester, you will enjoy the same benefit.

So click the "Back the Project" button now on Kickstarter or contact us at Let's make it dance.